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Concrete Raising

We Specialize in Raising Stabilizing Sunken Concrete Slabs and Foundations

Concrete Raising is a cost-effective and efficient alternative to replacing sunken concrete!

Saving our customers 50% to 70% off the cost of replacement!

There are many terms used for this process such as: slab-jacking, mud-jacking, concrete lifting, concrete leveling, concrete jacking, concrete mud-jacking, pressure grouting, or void filling. The term you may be familiar with depends on where you live in the U.S. Whatever term you are familiar with, basically means the same process.

Repairing the existing concrete by injecting a mixture under the slab to raise it to its original position.

The Process of Concrete Raising
Small holes are drilled through the sunken concrete surface. The preferred mixture is pumped under the slab through the small holes. Once the void is filled, the grout becomes pressurized and hydraulically raises the slab to the desired height. The holes are then patched with cement. Our holes are the smallest in the industry. Our Polyurethane holes are smaller than a dime and our mud-jacking holes are only 1 inch in diameter. This leaves you with a much better looking finished product.


Advantages of Concrete Lifting

  • Eliminates trip hazard

  • Fraction of the cost of replacement

  • Does not disturb landscaping

  • Finished in hours not days

  • Same day use

  • Enhances curb appeal

Affordable Concrete Raising of Frankfort, IL is the only local concrete raising contractor in the area to offer two methods of concrete raising. Mud Jacking & Polyurethane Concrete Raising

Click here to see which method works best for you!