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Maybe you wonder what sets Affordable Concrete Raising apart from the rest.

It is simple, really - our unwavering, never-ending commitment to quality workmanship, our premium material, outstanding customer service and your satisfaction.

Every one of our team members is carefully chosen and ready to serve you and your repair needs. Whether it is lifting and leveling one slab of sunken concrete or an entire foundation, we love what we do!

Simply put, we love providing such effective and cost efficient solutions to our customers. Our goal is to do whatever it takes to make sure you love everything about your experience with us from start to finish.

"Affordable Concrete Raising created an outstanding team that people like doing business with! They have mastered the art of providing superior quality work & outstanding service while SAVING THEIR CUSTOMERS MONEY!"


Found on Dex : by Concrete Repairs 5 STARS
We lived on our home for 30 years and grew used to concrete that was no longer level. I am well pleased with the results produced by Affordable Concrete Raising from Frankfort, IL. A team of two personable experienced craftsmen completed the necessary work in less than four hours. My front porch dropped about 1/2".

The porch is once again level and looks like new. My sidewalk above my sewer line served as an effective rain gauge after heavy rains. There was a sufficient drop where I could see a little lake form. We had a cloudburst after the repairs and the lake was no longer there! They also restored the driveway and side walk by the garage that now drains the water away from the house.

I put this work off for several years. I felt great during recent rains as I watched the water drain away from the house. The price was indeed affordable. I enjoyed the quality of the service and the integrity of people I met. I strongly recommend contacting Affordable Concrete Raising to serve your concrete repair needs.
Orland Park, IL 60462 Ron B.

"Affordable Concrete raised our foundation slab in late January"
"What a professional crew that came in to work on our home! Mr. Van Oost was so knowledgeable and informative about our options. We felt completely at ease with our choice in hiring him. Very dedicated and serious about customer service and satisfaction. We will and have recommended him. Highly." Jim and Rochelle of Chicago Heights

"I Am Very Satisfied With The Work Performed"
" The sidewalk to my front door had sunk quite a few inches over the years and I was concerned with guests having trouble with the large step-up. I had Affordable Concrete Raising come out to raise and level the sidewalk. It is now like it was when new. I am very satisfied with the work performed. The company is first rate, professional and did just what they said they would. I recommend them to anyone needing concrete raised and/or leveled."
Chris & Cheryl of Frankfort, IL

"Affordable Concrete Raising does great work and have great prices!"
"I have had many quotes, no one came close to them. WOW what a difference it made! My home is 50 yrs plus, now it looks like a newer home. They know what to do and how to do it. The work I had done increased the value of my home. My home is now beautiful and safe. I love my home again. I would recommend them to everyone. They will work magic for you too." Wendy & Scott of Palos Hills, IL
"Affordable Concrete Raising Exceeded My Expectations"
"They restored my badly sunken front walkway to its original level and effectively filled the resulting holes to blend nicely with the surrounding concrete. I bid this job with several contractors, and I received the best price in combination with a great finished product from Affordable Concrete Raising." Mia & George of Frankfort, IL

"Affordable Concrete Raising did an Awesome job!"
Our front stoop and the sidewalk had dropped and they were able to raise them both up like new, making it much more comfortable for guests entering our house through the front door. They did just what they said they would, when they said they would, and the price was Affordable too! Thank you Affordable Concrete Raising for improving the looks of our house."
Diane & Wes of Frankfort, IL
To: Ron VanOost, Affordable Concrete Raising.

"Thanks for the excellent job on our front walkway and driveway."
"Your work was very professional, efficient, reasonably priced and best of all exactly what was promised. Looks great!

As I previously mentioned, my mother in law is elderly and could not climb up the front step at our walkway due to the severely sunken concrete walkway. I am glad to say that after your work was completed, she has since been over and can now make it safely up the walk and in our front door.

Your quick response to our need is most appreciated. We will gladly refer you to all our friends and family."

Best regards,

Joe and Pam
Orland Park